sailing dinghy

May 11, 2019

Z-force Commando Training Camp

Sailing Moonlight, a 12 ft sailing dinghy. Moonlight is the perfect small boat for a traditional cruising dinghy. Read the full story here about how we went cruising on the Great Sandy Strait, over to Mackenzie Jetty on Fraser Island from River Heads, and how we survived a fire on-board 2.5 nautical miles from shore.
April 18, 2019
Inboard Installation

Inboard installation Sailboat Cruising.

The dingoes of Fraser Island were the original companions and hunting dogs of Australia's first people. Now they exist in a slightly uncomfortable relationship with the many tourists, four wheel drive enthusiasts and fishermen that visit the island. They are often misunderstood, engaged with or fed in appropriately, and maligned for their aggressive behavior at times. People have been threatened, and injured, Dingoes have been humanely put down as a result. This article and associated video suggests a better way.
April 19, 2018
Open dinghy cruising

The Inspiration Behind Moonlight. Open Dinghy Cruising.

Moonlight is a 12 ft Clinker dinghy planked with Huon Pine and Celery-top Pine ribs. Her primary source of power is her Gaff rig, and she has a small inboard, making her perfect for open dinghy cruising.