Sailing Moonlight

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"Part of my plan has been to try to pleasantly remind adults of what they once were themselves, and of how they felt and thought and talked, and what queer enterprises they sometimes engaged in."

Mark Twain

Sailing Moonlight

Sailing Moonlight and Mozart

Sailing adventures on Queensland's South East Coast and the beautiful bay's rivers and inlets bounded by the Coral Sea.

I had a passion for sailing adventures from the earliest age. As a 6-year-old, I dragged an old shipping pallet up the side of our house at New Norfolk in the South of Tasmania.

I took a couple of loose palings off the fence (sorry dad) and a sheet from the linen cupboard (sorry mum) and cobbled together a square-rigger. Sitting in the spring gales that hurtled down the Derwent valley and whistled up the side of the house, I fought the elements, for hours on end, solo navigating to places haunted by the lost souls of pirates and mariners of old.

In my early teens, I built several kayaks, cotton canvas stretched over King Billy Pine stringers. My brother and I explored the rivers and streams that flowed into the Tamar River Estuary, paddling downstream for hours on end, and never knowing what might confront us around the next bend. My brother and I learned to sail in a sabot dinghy on the Tamar River near Launceston, Tasmania. a string of sailing vessels followed, including catamarans, windsurfers and then I had an experience that shaped my future sailing exploits.

When I was sixteen, I set out with a friend down the Freycinet Peninsular in a 12 ft open cruising dinghy built by his uncle. We camped on Schouten Island, located nearly a mile offshore from the southernmost tip of the Freycinet Peninsular. This adventure of a lifetime, change my destiny, going on to build a replica dinghy in my early 20's, now known as Moonlight.

You can find the story of Moonlight, the inspiration behind her name and many interesting adventures leading right up to the present day on this site.

I hope you enjoy reading the stories and watching the videos and feel free to drop me a line with some of your own stories of growing up mucking around in boats.